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Med-X Launches Regulation CF Crowdfunding Offering on TruCrowd as it Continues to Grow as an Essential Supply Business


Nick Phillips
Posted by Nick Phillips on Jun 2, 2020 2:39:00 PM

In this video update, COO, Matthew Mills, updates the company shareholders on the continued growth of the Nature-Cide Professional products as well as additional growth on Amazon from our Nature-Cide Ready to Use products. 

Matthew also announces the launch of an additional capital raising campaign, a Regulation CF Offering, that will offer new potential investors on the TruCrowd platform the opportunity to get involved. In addition, Matthew also discusses the recently filed 1-K Annual Report, progress with toxicity testing and the on-going efforts to bring on institutional investors to advance the company more rapidly. 

The Full Regulation CF Press Release can be seen at the end of this update.

If there is anything that we have learned through these challenging times, it is that our customers depend on us to keep supplying them. All of our main distributors are essential businesses themselves and they are supplying thousands of essential businesses all over the country. We are so thankful to all of our shareholders who have contributed in any way to help us keep working and keep inventory coming in to insure orders continue to meet the demand. We are cautiously optimistic about the growth we are seeing and we are confident that once the toxicity testing is officially completed, the interested parties from around the world can finally get products into position to meet their needs.  

In order to keep this momentum moving forward on all of these fronts, especially inventory and marketing for Nature-Cide and Thermal-Aid, the company has decided to open all capital raising opportunities and launch a Regulation CF Offering on the TruCrowd investment platform. This offering is separate from the Regulation A+ offering on Medxinvestor.com. Both offerings are now running simultaneously with the goal of reaching as many new potential investors as possible. The full press release can be read at the end of this update. 

Our accounting and finance team have been hard at work over the past month to complete our 1-K Annual SEC Filing just as the Covid-19 pandemic hit. The filing has been completed and our full 2019 audited financials are included in the filing and which is available to everyone on the Edgar platform. You can find that link at the end of this update. 

Selling and supplying products to essential businesses in pest control and pharmacies has allowed us to continue to grow this year even during the Covid-19 pandemic and economic stresses. Our major distributors like Target Specialty Products and Cardinal Health continue to order and supply their customers with our products. As of the time of this update posting the company is seeing a sizable increase in revenue year over year. Our marketing initiatives in 2018/2019 are paying off and our investment and focus on bringing the products direct to the consumer through Amazon has also brought the company a consistent lift in revenue month over month. We are seeing consistent sales direct to consumers from both brands as ecommerce grows and word of mouth spreads about our products with the public. 

Stillmeadow, Inc., the third-party laboratory who is conducting our Nature-Cide toxicity testing, is in the final stages of this work. We are confident that in the coming weeks the results will be back and we will finally be able to position Nature-Cide for worldwide markets. We are confident that this is going to open up a whole new door of new exciting opportunities in countries that have been waiting for months to get their hands on Nature-Cide professional use products. 

High-level discussions continue to happen with multiple institutional investment firms as they watch and strategize how to leverage our positioning, take the company to the market, offer our investors liquidity and more importantly how to infuse the company with large amounts of capital in order to expand the global footprint of the brands and position the company for long-term growth. 

These are exceptional unusual times we are all living in. We are all blessed to have a strong, well-positioned company that is selling into markets that need partners with reliable products and supply chains like Med-X, Inc. We owe all of this to the support of our staff and our shareholders who have believed in this mission from day one and continue to see the opportunities and possibilities as this company grows. We will continue to work hard and provide the professional pest control industry the green products it so desperately wants no matter how difficult the environment. 

Below are the links to 1-K Filing and the TruCrowd Campaign Page. Also please read the official press release below. 

Thanks for all of your continued support, be safe, and take care of one another. 

Link to Press Release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/med-x-inc-launches-regulation-crowdfunding-on-the-trucrowd-crowdfunding-portal-301065252.html

Link to K1 Filing: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1620704/000147793220002917/medx_1k.htm

Link to TruCrowd Campaign: https://us.trucrowd.com/equity/offer-summary/Med-X


Med-X, Inc. Launches Regulation Crowdfunding on the TruCrowd Crowdfunding Portal

LOS ANGELES, May 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Med-X, Inc. -- On May 26, 2020 Med-X, Inc. announced the launch of a Regulation Crowdfunding campaign on the Crowdfunding portal TruCrowd.  Med-X is now hosting two separate crowdfunding initiatives to further bolster its progress and continue its year over year momentum. The new Med-X, Inc. Regulation CF is for one-million seventy thousand dollars ($1,070,000) while the Regulation A+ offering is for ten-million dollars ($10,000,000), on its own Regulation A+ platform, where the company has already raised over one-million dollars. The company has developed multiple natural product lines, including Nature-Cide and Thermal-Aid which are positioned in major national distribution, as well as its homeopathic lifestyle Malibu Brands, while becoming popular go to natural products amongst eco-minded professionals and consumers.

(PRNewsfoto/Med-X, Inc.)

About Nature-Cide:

Nature-Cide, provides our commercial and residential customers with all-natural, green, environmentally friendly and effective products via different applications for the control of insects while repelling rodents, reptiles and various birds.  The Nature-Cide product line was first implemented via our California licensed IPM (integrated pest management) service company "Nature-Cide Services." Nature-Cide products are now positioned in professional pest control, hospitality, janitorial and agriculture.  For more information, please visit https://nature-cide.com or email customerservice@nature-cide.com.

About Thermal-Aid:

Thermal-Aid is a division of Med-X, Inc.'s wholly owned subsidiary, Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. based in Canoga Park, CA. Thermal-Aid products are used for pain management and help ease pain from arthritis and migraine headaches. The Thermal-Aid product lines are available online and at leading retailers throughout the United States.  For more information, visit: https://thermalaidproducts.com/

About Malibu Brands:

Malibu Brands is a premium, homeopathic lifestyle brand.  Malibu Brands' first product is the Pacific Pain Relief Cream, which is a proven, natural topical analgesic cream for the temporary relief of various pain issues including arthritis, joint, muscle, headache and migraine pain.  Malibu Brands is working to expand its product footprint with multiple products in development including a pain cream that utilizes Hemp/CBD as an ingredient.  Additionally, the Malibu Brands division is planning to embark on designing a unique clothing line that uses alternative sustainable materials such as hemp and bamboo, as they become more readily available.


Med-X, Inc. is a Nevada corporation formed in February 2014 to support the fast-paced environmentally friendly green scene products and services sectors, with its Nature-Cide, Thermal-Aid and Malibu Brands divisions as well as the emerging hemp and cannabis industry through such activities as compound identification and extraction of the identified cannabidiol (CBD) compounds for the present medical industry demand. The company's digital magazine, The Marijuana Times, publishes high quality media content for the medical cannabis community to potentially generate revenue from advertisers as well as sell industry related merchandise to consumers. For more information regarding Med-X, Inc., please visit www.medx-rx.com, email info@medx-rx.com or call 818-349-2870.



The securities offered by Med-X, Inc. hereby are highly speculative. Investing in shares of MED-X, INC. involves significant risk. This investment is suitable only for persons who can afford to lose their entire investment. Furthermore, investors must understand that an investment could be illiquid for an indefinite period of time. No public market currently exists for the securities and if and when a public market develops following this offering it may not continue. You should read the Regulation A+ Offering Circular and the New Regulation CF Offering as well as all Securities Exchange Commission filings before making any investment in the Company. 

This release may contain forward-looking statements regarding projected business performance, operating results, financial condition and other aspects of the company, expressed by such language as "expected," "anticipated," "projected" and "forecasted." Please be advised that such statements are estimates only and there is no assurance that the results stated or implied by forward-looking statements will actually be realized by the company. Forward-looking statements may be based on management assumptions that prove to be wrong. The company and its business are subject to substantial risks and potential events beyond its control that would cause material differences between predicted results and actual results, including the company incurring operating losses and experiencing unexpected material adverse events.

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